About Us

About Us

Infinitearttees is your fun, friendly place for decor and style Graphic Tees that is equally expressive and distinctive because you are! Since we think trend is for each body – inspired by comments from our neighborhood, our line of attire is offered in a selection of sizes. In addition, we take a choice of fashions from hundreds of Graphic Tees designers.

Our Neighborhood

We are dedicated to inspiring personal personality and assisting our customers and community feel as the very best version of these.

The Final Barrier Against Abrasion, Chemicals and Heat.”

We at infinitearttees.com welcome the opportunity to work with your company to find better ways to protect your people, your equipment, and our environment. In partnership we can engineer unique, cost effective solutions to solve your thermal management problems.Infinitearttees Materials, Inc. is a problem solving company that engineers and manufactures textile and insulation products for severe applications in many diverse markets.

Infinitearttees offer our Research & Development and Engineering services in four primary areas:

  • Textiles
  • Textile Coatings and Treatments
  • Fabricated Parts
  • Thermal Insulation Systems

Infinitearttees‘s Research & Development / Engineering are committed to find the means to provide a solution to your application requirement. The success of these services is a key element that sets Mid-Mountain apart from the competition.

In order to make a good assessment of what is needed for a given application, it is important to gain as much information as we can about that application. Information required to make a product recommendation:

• Purpose / Function
• Operating temperature
• Operating conditions
• Atmosphere conditions
• Cost considerations
• History
• Current vs Historic product
• Performance
• Sample


Keeping current with new technologies is vital to the development of new products. Mid-Mountain maintains a vast library of information on technologically advanced fabrics, insulations, etc. This has been and remains a key in the history of our success, along with maintaining partnership relationships with major raw material manufacturers.

Imagination and innovation have been, by far, the most important elements to our success. Every day we are faced with new challenges. We strive to meet these challenges, and do so with remarkable success.

Infinitearttees is a problem solving company that meets our customers needs! We welcome the opportunity to work with you to find better solutions to your application requirements.