Difference between Freight Forwarder and Shipping Agent

Difference between Freight Forwarder and Shipping Agent

Freight forwarding services have 2 types of services namely freight forwarders and shipping agents. Both shipping services or shipping services are certainly different. Although some people are often equated, but the two are indeed far different. Already know what is the difference between freight forwarder and shipping agents?

  1. Freight Forwarder

There are many things that distinguish between freight forwarders and shipping agents. Freight forwarder is a freight service company that covers between countries with various types of shipping packages.

  • Has official licensing

Freight forwarders are different from shipping agents. Where this Freight forwarder company has official permission from the government. Freight forwarder companies are legally established not from origin and offering services, but instead have official licensing.

  • Broader transportation services

Freight forwarder freight services have a wider range. Freight forwarders can make export shipments or for import needs. And this applies to all countries in the world. Depending on the company’s scope and licensing.

  • Use of transportation equipment

Freight forwarders use large transportation equipment. All of these tools also have official permits from the government concerned cannot be done arbitrarily.

  1. Shipping Agent

Conversely, shipping agents also have many differences with Shipping Agents. Various things that distinguish shipping agents from freight forwarders are as follows:

  • Has no clear licensing

Shipping agent is different from Freight forwarder. Where shipping agents have permission from the government to conduct their business.

  • Limited capacity

The capacity of the shipping agent tends to be smaller than that of the Freight forwarder. This is because they only ship products on a small scale in a country.

  • Delivery locations are limited

The shipping location of the shipping agent is less than the freight forwarder. Where the company has official permission to make deliveries to various locations.

Many of us do not understand and do not understand how to distinguish freight forwarders and shipping agents. Though actually the way that can be done is very easy by trying to do the following things

How to Find Freight Forwarder and Shipping Agent

Then the next thing so the important question is about how you can do to find both. To be able to find a freight forwarder and shipping agent, there are actually several easy ways you can do. What are some easy ways? How many easy ways is one of them is to use the https://www.teralogistics.com/forwarders/ site. This is one of the best site choices that allow you to be able to find a freight forwarder and shipping agent very easily and quickly.

Now that’s some difference between freight forwarders and shipping agents. There are many other things that distinguish it. But these 3 things are the most prominent differences between the two.